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    November 1, 2013
    12:00 - 12:31pm PDT  

>> thank you. we're on item a approval of board minutes we'll be voting on those for october 8, 2013, any corrections. seeing none. i move adoption of the minutes >> oh, yeah. there are no corrections i previously asked for corrections madam clerk, please call the roll. >> >> on october 8th optional. your microphone. go ahead >> on october 8th only.
mr. logan (calling names) thank you and ms. norton >> yes. thank you all right. we'll move on to item b and the superintendents report. >> thank you, president norton and good evening to everyone both hear and listening and a watching at home. i'd like to take this opportunity to invite all families on saturday 200 second at the concourse exhibition theatre. all public schools will be there represent and you'll have an opportunity to attend yumz and get information ton special
education and mid school feeders and also the admission process. you can attend the early bird process on thursday october 17th from 5 to 7:00 p.m. in the board of education room 555 franklin street or saturday october 19th from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the board of education meeting room at 555 franklin or also on friday, october 25th in the board of education room. i encourage all our families to please attend and gather the information for the enrollment process. i'd like to thank you for the opportunity to report at the fifth annual partnership recognition event the community partnership award was for you
can say sex carbon monoxide for trauma training and for training to your highest needs schools. it's 23 in partnership with the superintendents were over 1 thousand 1 hundred students have been directly impacted. the schools that partnered with our uc f hearts program has had an decrease in violence. they've given over 1 hundred hours to our unified school district staff. i'd like to aggravated assault on behalf of san francisco unified school district dr. joyce and kim from our officer who were recipients of the award. thank you for all the support for our families in the schools. you i'd like to mention that the
ninth and tenth grade classrooms will be restoring birds. they'll be joined by sf park sturdyship abruptly the bond society will be there for the bird science database called e go bird and sports the positive change in the community as well as the initiative in our district on friday on the corner of cargo way and linda will bring some you dirt. i'll be up until the time only my ruining shoes running for
money dubbed howling moon students have been training and it combines healthy activity with supporting their school on sunder this sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in the presidio edge who wants to join us. the children's fund and public education enrichment you fund b will soon expire. mar ed lee and i are asking for the shaping of the events. we want to know what it will take for our children and youth are there smarter efficient ways that can together help our kids
to success. please coupling come to one of the meetings. we have available this evening this flier i'll show to everyone that lists all the dates and the dates i'm about to read are on www daughter uc sf c we'll be in the western edition in the fillmore from 530 to 8:30 and it will be for the western fillmore community at the african-american cult conflicts only fulton street. we'll be meeting for the sunset richmond neighborhood 55 concourse drive in the golden gate park at the bay view ymca
lane street in san francisco for the china attain northern beach community are on october 12th on 950 clay street and for the other november 14th at the elementary school school in san francisco. in terms of a pointed of privilege thank you to all ask the and administrators and everyone for their absolute extraordinary response for the bart strike p there were huge efforts by all to make sure our kids were protected and learning went on. i want to personally expend my
thanks to all and everyone who went above and beyond to make sure our kids were covered and they continue to learn. and finally, i want to encourage everyone to give a arousing support for the growing of mustaches it's been a big challenge for us a lot of us are looking bad but when you see someone growing a mustache say attaboy. because we're trying hard to raise money for our a teacher's project. let's have a great meeting >> attaboy mr. superintendent and i'm not sure if this was intentional but we'll give you an attaboy. item c recommendations of awe
moments. at this point i'd like to call on principle censoring beating to please present the distinguished award to ryan moore who is is a teacher that were good evening board members picture it's my pleasure to give the special award recipient brian moore. (clapping) >> mr. moore was nominated by a coworker in our special education department for emphasis dedication for his instructions. he's a superior teacher. he has high exemptions for all
his students he's culturally and sociably competent. is has engaging lessons for his students is human resources everyone on campus daughters and kids love him. one thing i love when i go into his classroom i never want to leave i think a lot of folks feel that way. i offer my congratulations to you and thanks for your participation at our school (clapping.) come on up. >> congratulations. we're going to need a picture. okay
>> you'll have to forgive me i'm not used to talking in front of grownups. thank you to the board and the district for giving me this award. i love what i do but it's a difficult job everyday i challenge myself and ask the to do the best. i'm also so critical of myself. i want to do the best everyday and moment. you know, we share on a day to day base it's great to hear we're doing a good job and mom i'm on tv. thank you (clapping.) yes. you are mr. moore >> attaboy.
and you know was it will be streamed on line so you can go and watch yourself. so members of the board i want to call on principle of the one and only abraham lincoln to present the service award to ms. germany transmitted harris. thank you. okay. so i'll use the met for thought shiny floor. as a principle i love a shiny floor and with trudy i didn't the floors are so shiny you can see the reflection of the soul of the school and district. so i'll read some excerpts.
she does an astounding job keeping the school clean. she works to help the structural programs she's virtually never absent and has a great deposition spent their chajd challenging work. she's offered full support of recycle and come posting program again, the school is over 2 thousand students. she's trained folks on bins and monitors them. she arranges bins for pickup. thank you to her. she's attended fault e
facilitate meeting and shares food. she has four children two of which have congratulated from balboa high school (laughter) >> nobody's perfect and one student at the balboa so she's demonstrated professional commitment to the san francisco unified school district (clapping). >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> let's take our picture. >> thanks. >> thank you.
(laughter). >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening i want to thank the board mechanics for selecting me for this award. i accept on behalf of the whole staff at the lincoln high school that go above and beyond on mentoring our students. our students are viewed as expended family so naturally we want the best for them educational and environmentally. i want to extend a special thanks to victor of custodian
and helping me with the lincoln high. i want to express the thanks to my principle mr. payne. for creating an environment that fits high standards and helps everyone including our students as capable of - contributing and accountability. thanks good night >> (clapping). >> thank you. madam president and members of the board we would like to present a special tribute this evening or evening a colleague who passed away san francisco
unified school district caveat and english learner advocate. her husband and daughter is here. is michelle here as well. the san francisco unified school district honor the memory of our educator and english advocate. during here career she was an administrator at the consult department and what is actively involved with the b cc and this latino america association. her continuous advocacy made a positive difference in our schools and community. we would like to present this to you, sir
>> (clapping) >> on behalf of my family and myself we would like to thank the board and the san francisco unified school district for this recognition. thank you >> (clapping). >> excuse me. sorry where
we're now on the student delegates report. >> we're going to be discussing the october 16th accounting safety meeting. at 5:30 we had the minutes proofed and we moved on to our business discussions. first representative shelf and aging less than and i provided a report to the rest of the student advisory council. and we we're baefk provided the
voice at the conference and got to meet a lot of people that worked at the district and gave our entity then the executive director for the women of the city of san francisco the doctor came and gave a prevention on anti human trafficking presentation. we learned a lot about how human trafficking is the modern day slavery and san francisco is one of the cities where it's really trafficking is a big problem and how it starts with the youth of san francisco so we should be involved in raising the awareness. we should be involved in raising the awareness and finally, there's she presented the poster
context called no one owns me. you can get the details at www dot >> so for almost the past year over thirty thousand edition have been using free muni to go to and from school everyday. they've be a youth lobby day on thursday because this pilot program should be continued and permanent because public transportation is a huge burden for a lot of the students and free muni helps out a lot. on top of that today superintendant & administrator assistant were awarded the
accomodation award during the board of supervisors meeting by supervisor campos for helping us going through the process of free muni for youth. thank you. oh, and public council and everyone is welcome to come. if you want to speak contact our kwoefrt >> i'd like to take one group out of order. we've if you notice a lot of students in their caps and gowns and i want to take the 1 hundred percent preparing club out of order any objection. i understand you're the speaker for this group
(clapping.) all right. you may approach the microphone (clapping.) two minutes >> i'm anton i'm in the 12 grade i'm here for the change of 1 hundred percent we're here because african-american are more than 20 percent. more than 75 dispersing were latino or african-american students. the term used for 37 percent of the sews pensions are from leaving a hat on or ditching class. implement school discipline
issues that are better for us pr use data on school disparity on the change in the school districts and there training and cultural competent to approach more appropriate discipline methods. and support the parents and others that have a support for students of color >> thank you (clapping.) thank you for coming and delivering our message this evening. >> p. all right. we'll move on now to item f. public comment oh, i'm sorry we
have no pack report. so we're moving to f public comment on consent items i have one card from ms. susan solomon who wishes to comment an item k-2. ms. solomon you have two minutes >> can you tell me what item that is. president norton. and i looked at it oh, the reading partners >> that's what i thought. good evening board of education and superintendant. i probably thought i was going to talk about lay offs i'm going to - i have a couple of questions aboutrd partners. i was occurring whether this is
during the structural day or i wanted to know it says it's retroactive it looks like it starred in september because of the language. that's all thank you >> thank you, ms. solomon. all right. i have no other cards on consent items so item g. may i hear a motion and a second for the consent calendar please. any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendant >> yes. president norton one item to be corrected. correction to item c-33 resolution 130 dash 2229 on page 49 of your agenda. it says new academic campus the
word demolition should be stricken >> i'm revved to know we'll not be diminishing our campus any items for first reading by the board. seeing none, any items severed by the board or for discussion and vote this evening? seeing none. roll call will be taken and when the vote takes place i will be abstaining on this following cue to the possibility of conflict of interest. i'm going to make this announcement i believe commissioner will be abstaining
under 3 c-130-dash 2 it b-3 an boings due to a possible conflict of interest. all right. onto the item h. superintendents proposals we have 130 revision to policy 4040 employee harassment. that was moved and seconded already. could you provide us with therd of the resolution >> yes. thank you, president norton. superintendents proposal and revision of board proposal employees sexual harassment is that the board of education revises policy entitled employees sexual harassment
>> thank you there are no public speakers signed up for this item. may i hear are there any comments from the board or superintendant >> i'll to put in an additional. one of the things that gets overlooked is a hostile workplace like photos that creates a hostile environment. my proposed language is roman numerical 2 under conduct to add workplace hostile environment is prohibited in person or other means of conversation or through
virtually or media. the language accounts for an increasing trend in social media being used to harass people whether it's texted messages or povrts things of that nature. i want to make sure that the policy addresses some of the changing ways in which people have found to harass each other >> are you making a motion to amend the policy. >> yes. i'd like to ask the superintendant to adopt the amendment. >> slightly. >> all right. so that does not require a vote of the board. any other comments from board members. yes commissioner >> i want to thank the superintendant for bringing this forward and also the